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When an endnote refers to a source that provides more information on a topic, should I also include the source in the works-cited-list?

Yes, you should provide a works-cited-list entry if you refer the reader to a source for more information on a topic. Do not provide the full publication details in the endnote. Instead, key the endnote to the list of works cited, as you would in the body of your paper. If you merely mention the source . . .

Published 25 January 2018

How do I cite an entry in a reference work?

Cite an entry in a reference work the way you would cite any source: follow the MLA template of core elements. If the entry is signed, begin with the author’s name. If it is unsigned, begin by listing the entry as the title: Botterill, Steven N. “Angela Da Foligno, Saint.” Medieval Italy: An Encyclopedia, edited by . . .

Published 24 January 2018

How do I cite an art catalog?

Cite an art catalog the way you would cite a book: Bambach, Carmen C. Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman and Designer. Metropolitian Museum of Art, 2017. If the catalog does not have an author or editor, begin the entry with the title: American Encounters: The Simple Pleasures of Still Life. High Museum of Art, 2014.     

Published 12 February 2018

How do I cite an online lecture?

To cite an online lecture, follow the MLA template of core elements. List the name of the presenter, followed by the title of the lecture. Then list the name of the Web site as the title of the container, the date on which the lecture was posted, and the URL:   Allende, Isabel. “Tales of Passion.” . . .

Published 22 January 2018

If an untitled poem is known by its first line, how do I style that line in my works-cited-list entry?

The MLA Handbook explains that when you refer to an untitled poem known by its first line, you should style the line the way it is shown in the source (68). This guideline applies both to the text and the works-cited list: Dickinson’s poem “I heard a Fly buzz—when I died—” contrasts the everyday and the momentous. Work Cited Dickinson, . . .

Published 19 January 2018

Can I cross-reference episodes from a television series?

Television series are divided into episodes and often air for many seasons. During the run of a series, performers, directors, and even the entity making the show publicly available (the “publisher”) can change, and thus publication information typically varies by episode. Thus, since the goal of cross-referencing entries in the works-cited list is economy and . . .

Published 16 January 2018

How do I cite a webinar?

To cite the live version of a webinar you attended, follow the MLA template of core elements. List the name of the presenter as the author, the title of the webinar, the organization responsible for the webinar, and the date. For clarity, you may add “Webinar” in the optional-element slot at the end of the entry: . . .

Published 15 January 2018

How do I cite a special issue of a journal?

Although it is not generally necessary to indicate that a work appears in a special issue of a journal, you can cite special issues by following the MLA template of core elements. Include the same information you would for an article in a regular issue, adding the special issue’s title, a comma, and the phrase “special issue . . .

Published 5 January 2018

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