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If I am citing an online version of a sacred text and each chapter is on a separate Web page, must each Web page be listed in the works-cited list?

No. You do not need to provide a separate works-cited-list entry for each hymn, chapter, or surah cited if there are several and they all come from the same general Web site, unless readers cannot easily find their way from that central place.  Let’s say you are citing Genesis and Psalms from the Web site . . .

Published 28 November 2018

How do I cite raw data from a survey or poll I created? How do I cite published data, such as data from Google Trends?

Citing Data You Collected In a report on data collected from a survey you designed and distributed, clarify the data source in the body of the report instead of creating a works-cited-list entry for the survey. Be sure to explain in detail the methodology you used—that is, how you distributed the survey and collected and . . .

Published 27 November 2018

If I cite a poem posted to a blog by someone who is not the poem’s author, do I need to write “posted by” and the blogger’s name in the “Other contributors” slot?

It depends on whether the person posting the poem is responsible for the blog as a whole.  If the blogger is responsible for the entire blog, list the author of the poem and the poem’s title. Then list the name of the blog as the title of the container. In the “Other contributors” slot, list . . .

Published 20 November 2018

How do I cite a scene deleted from a play?

Cite the version of the scene you consulted, whether a typescript from an archive, an online resource, an appendix to a print edition, or a live or recorded production that includes the scene. If the version you consulted is published separately from the edition of the play you use, create an entry for it as . . .

Published 12 November 2018

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