How do I cite a photograph from a Web site that credits the image to an organization rather than to the photographer?

To create a works-cited-list entry for a photograph that credits an organization rather than an individual photographer, follow the MLA format template. Since the name of the photographer is not provided, omit the Author element and begin the entry with the title of the photograph, if given, or a description in place of a title. Then list the name of the organization in the “Publisher” slot, followed by the date of publication. In a second container, list the name of the Web site where you found the image and a URL.

Because your entry starts with the title of the photograph, your in-text citation will key to the title in the entry:

In a playful photograph of Cassius Clay (aka Mohammad Ali) from 1964, the boxer is shown pretending to punch the four members of the Beatles, who tilt away from his boxing glove like a row of falling dominoes (Ali Birthday Boxing).

Work Cited

Ali Birthday Boxing. Associated Press, 17 Feb. 1964. AP Images,