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Can I include the editor of a journal in a works-cited-list entry for a journal article?

The names of journal editors are generally only included in works-cited-list entries for special issues of journals: Charney, Michael W. “Literary Culture on the Burma-Manipur Frontier in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.” Literary Cultures at the Frontiers: Literature and Identity in the Early Modern World, special issue of The Medieval History Journal, edited by Sumit . . .

Published 9 November 2017

How do I cite an episode of a podcast?

To cite a podcast episode that you streamed on the Web, follow the MLA template of core elements. List the narrator or host in the “Author” slot and the title of the podcast episode in the “Title of source” slot. Then list the name of the podcast as the title of the container, the season and . . .

Published 27 October 2017

How would I cite a last will?

To cite a last will and testament, which is an unpublished legal document, follow the MLA template of core elements. A basic entry should include a description of the will in the “Title of source” slot and the date the will was signed in the “Publication date” slot: Last will and testament of John Smith. . . .

Published 4 October 2017

Do I introduce an author’s full name and the full title of a work in each chapter of a book or dissertation?

It depends on the focus of your work. In a dissertation on a single author or title—say, Gabriel Marcel’s Being and Having: An Existentialist Diary—it would be overkill to introduce the author and full title of the work anew in each chapter. References to the author’s last name and a shortened title are sufficient. But . . .

Published 12 September 2017

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