How do I cite a TV episode published on YouTube?

Begin with the title of the episode as it appears on YouTube. Then, following the MLA guidelines for citing an online video, list YouTube in the Title of Container element, the name of the uploader in the Contributor element, the date of upload in the Publication Date element, and the URL in the Location element. For example, an episode of the television series M*A*S*H that was uploaded to YouTube would appear as follows:

M*A*S*H Season 10 Episode 3 Rumor at the Top. YouTube, uploaded by DINH TAN 3, 21 Jan. 2019,

Italicize the title since the episode is a stand-alone work, and ensure that the name of the account that uploaded the video is reproduced precisely. Information such as series title, season number, and episode number, which typically appears as separate information, is not included in this entry because the episode was viewed on YouTube. In this example, YouTube is the work’s container—not M*A*S*H