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Get resources below for teaching research, writing, and MLA documentation style prepared by MLA staff members and other educators. 
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    Evaluating Sources for Research

    Students learn how to assess the reliability of various types of resources.

    Lesson Plan and Classroom Materials
  • in-text citations

    Practicing In-Text Citations

    A worksheet covering the basics

    Handout | Answer Key
  • Spanish Exercise 1

    Ungraded assignment that prepares students to create an annotated bibliography in Spanish; includes an optional research component

    Lesson Plan and Classroom Materials
  • Spanish Exercise 2

    Graded assignment that prepares students to create an annotated bibliography in Spanish; includes an optional research component

    Lesson Plan and Classroom Materials
  • Works-Cited-List Peer Grading

    Students gain familiarity with the details of a works-cited list

    Lesson Plan | Worksheet
  • Editing In-Text Citations

    A hands-on editing activity

    Lesson Plan | Handout | Answer Key
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    Reading and Writing Citations

    Includes a component on retrieving items from the library

    Lesson Plan | Worksheet
  • Group Presentation on MLA Style

    Motivates careful engagement with MLA guidelines

    Lesson Plan | Worksheet
  • Mapping Your Use of the MLA Handbook

    Designed to be used with a research essay assignment

    Lesson Plan | Worksheet
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    Quiz: Part 1 of Handbook

    Motivates careful student reading, provides a framework for discussion

    Lesson Plan | Quiz |
    Answer Key
  • Real-Life versus Digital Sources: Documenting a Museum Visit

    Covers visual and textual sources encountered firsthand and online

    Lesson Plan | Worksheet
  • Using Citation Generators

    Helps students identify and correct errors in works-cited-list entries

    Lesson Plan | Examples
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    Blog Post about Citation Practice

    Gives students experience citing works in unusual formats

    Lesson Plan | Student Sample | Blog Assignment

Understanding the MLA International Bibliography: An Online Course

This short online course helps students of all levels become experts in using the MLA International Bibliography for college-level research. The course usually takes students ninety minutes or less to complete and requires that they have access to the MLA International Bibliography on the EBSCO platform through their institution’s library. Students can create a free account to take the course and start earning badges. Instructors should see the instructor’s guide to integrating the course below.

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    Instructor’s Guide to the Course

    A free five-unit course that helps students search more efficiently, understand their search results, and locate publications.

  • The History of Scholarship Project

    Students will apply research skills from the online course and develop a presentation that demonstrates their understanding of how scholarship on a single work of literature changes over time.

  • For First-Year Composition, Writing across the Curriculum, and Writing about Literature

    To review and reinforce search skills learned in the online course and to consider what constitutes evidence in different academic fields

    Lesson Plan
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    Engaging Students: Using the MLA International Bibliography to Teach the Research Process

    Watch this webcast and get tips on using the MLA International Bibliography to teach scholarly concepts and analytical skills.


  • For Intermediate and Advanced Courses

    Designed to bring all students up to par on research skills and to explore uses for the bibliography

    Lesson Plan

  • The Scholarly Conversation Project

    Students will understand how serial publications are presented in databases and how to read them chronologically.


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