I am citing two editions of the same novel. How do I order the entries in the list of works cited, and how do I distinguish the editions in the in-text citation?

Order the entries by the most important unique piece of identifying information. This is usually the date. You can list entries either in chronological order or the reverse as long as you are consistent in a given work:

London, Jack. Martin Eden. Macmillan, 1915.

———. Martin Eden. Penguin, 1984.

———. Martin Eden. Modern Library, 2002.

If two editions are published in the same year, order the entries alphabetically by the next most important piece of unique identifying information—for example, the last name of a contributor (such as an editor or a translator) or the publisher.

In the in-text citation, include the year of publication (or alternative identifying information). Use brackets to separate this information from a page number:

Martin observes that his doting readership is “a wolf-rabble” and chalks his success up to “chance” and readers’ “brute non-understanding” (374 [1915]).

See sections 6.21–6.25 of the MLA Handbook for more information about citing literary works available in multiple editions.