Can I name an interviewee as the author of a collection of interviews?

MLA style names the interviewee as the author of individual interviews (see MLA Handbook, appendix 2). When your source is a collection of interviews of one subject, name the interviewee in the Author element and the editor in the Contributor element:

Atwood, Margaret. Margaret Atwood: Conversations. Edited by Earl G. Ingersoll, Ontario Review Press, 1990.

As with stories or essays in a collection by a single author, you may create individual works-cited-list entries for the interviews and cross-reference the collection or cite the collection as a whole in your prose.

When the collection you cite or cross-reference includes multiple interviewees, name the stated author or key contributor, such as the editor or interviewer, in the Author element:

Nemser, Cindy. Art Talk: Conversations with Fifteen Women Artists. IconEditions, 1995.

For more information on citing key contributors in the Author element, see section 5.40 of the MLA Handbook.

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