How do I cite a chronology from a book?

To cite a chronology from a book, mention the chronology in your writing: 

The chronology at the end of The Oxford History of the French Revolution provides the order of major events in the period but no interpretation of them (Doyle).

Then create an entry for the book in your works-cited list:

Doyle, William. The Oxford History of the French Revolution. 2nd ed., Oxford UP, 2003.

If, however, the chronology has an author separate from the author of the book, list the author of the chronology and the chronology’s title (or a description of it) in your work-cited-list entry:

Evans, G. Blakemore. “Chronology and Sources.” The Riverside Shakespeare, by William Shakespeare, edited by Evans, Houghton Mifflin, 1974, pp. 47-56.