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How do I format an appendix and style its heads?

There are many possible ways to format an appendix. A rule of thumb is to let the content guide the choice of format. Types of appendix content include the following: prose explanations that supplement the main text, numbered and unnumbered lists, bibliographies and suggestions for further reading, samples of questionnaires and surveys, and charts and tables.
An appendix that consists mainly of prose requires no special formatting. Use paragraphs, as in your main text, and consider adding titled subheads if the appendix is long.

Appendix 1: An Introduction to the Language of the C Text
The language in the C text of William Langland’s Piers Plowman can be strikingly different from present-day English and even from Chaucer’s English.

Published 20 December 2018

How do I quote bulleted or numbered points from a source?

If you need to quote from a bulleted or numbered list, you can reproduce the list in your essay, as in the example below:

Parvini organizes the material into four groups:

Early modern Christian beliefs inherited from the medieval period, indeed the very period that Shakespeare is writing about in the history plays
The structure of feudal and semifeudal society
Emergent humanist ideas about history and politics imported from Renaissance Italy, especially those of Niccolò Machiavelli
The key events of the Wars of the Roses and the corresponding key plot points of Shakespeare’s two tetralogies. (95)

Work Cited
Parvini, Neema. “Historicism ‘By Stealth’: History, . . .

Published 1 October 2018

How do I cite a chronology from a book?

To cite a chronology from a book, mention the chronology in your writing: 

The chronology at the end of The Oxford History of the French Revolution provides the order of major events in the period but no interpretation of them (Doyle).

Then create an entry for the book in your works-cited list:

Doyle, William. The Oxford History of the French Revolution. 2nd ed., Oxford UP, 2003.

If, however, the chronology has an author separate from the author of the book, list the author of the chronology and the chronology’s title (or a description of it) in your work-cited-list entry:

Evans, . . .

Published 26 December 2017

How do I incorporate lists into my essay in MLA style?

In humanities essays, lists are generally run into the text rather than set vertically. A colon is often used to introduce a run-in list:

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has written four novels: Purple Hibiscus, Half a Yellow Sun, The Thing around Your Neck, and Americanah.

But no colon is used before a list when the list is the object of the verb that introduces it:

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novels include Purple Hibiscus, Half a Yellow Sun, and The Thing around Your Neck.

The list is the object of the verb include.

Published 22 November 2017

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