How do I cite a virtual reality experience on an app like Google Expeditions?

To cite a virtual reality experience on an app like Google Expeditions, follow the MLA format template. Begin with the experience’s author. Then include the title of the experience as the title of your source, followed by the name and publisher of the app. If a publication date is not listed, include the date you accessed the experience in the optional-element slot at the end of the entry:

VidaSystems. Aurora Borealis. Google Expeditions app, Google. Accessed 23 Feb. 2018.

If the author of the virtual reality experience is not listed in the experience’s description, begin the entry with the title: 

American Museum of Natural History. Google Expeditions app, Google. Accessed 22 Feb. 2018.

If you are citing text from a pop-up in the virtual reality experience, include the pop-up’s title in the “Title of source” slot, and put the title of the virtual reality experience in the “Title of container” slot: 

“American Bison.” American Museum of Natural History, Google Expeditions app, Google. Accessed 22 Feb. 2018.

Published 28 April 2018

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