How do I cite an interview found on YouTube?

Follow the MLA guidelines for documenting an interview, treating the interviewee as the author and providing the title of the video. Then, following the MLA guidelines for citing an online video, list YouTube in the Title of the Container element, the name of the uploader in the Contributor element, the date of upload in the Publication Date element, and the URL in the Location element:

West, Kanye. Jimmy Kimmel’s Full Interview with Kanye West. YouTube, uploaded by Jimmy Kimmel Live, 10 Aug. 2018,

The title of the video is italicized because it is a stand-alone work. Since it is clear who conducted the interview, there is no need to include the standard phrase “interview conducted by Jimmy Kimmel.”

Note that the entry precisely reproduces the name of the account that uploaded the video, Jimmy Kimmel Live, which differs slightly from the name of the television show Jimmy Kimmel Live!