How do I cite a short story posted to a Web site whose author is different from that of the story?

Cite the short story the same way you would cite a poem posted to a blog by someone who is not the poem’s author but who is responsible for the blog as a whole. List the author of the story, the story’s title, and the name of the Web site containing the story. Then list the author of the Web site in the Contributors element, preceded by the label “created by.” Complete the entry by providing the name of the site’s publisher (if different from the name of the site), the publication date, and the URL:

Poe, Edgar Allan. “The Cask of Amontillado.”, created by Robert Giordano, Design 215, 2005-2020,

Note that the above example shows a date range in the Publication Date element because a range is given in the copyright line at the bottom of the Web site.