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How do I cite book cover art?

. . . of water and a boat.  Work Cited Sendak, Maurice. Where the Wild Things Are. HarperCollins Publishers, 25th anniversary ed., 1963. If you discuss a cover image in detail and want to credit the artist, you could provide the artist’s full name at first mention in your prose or the artist’s last . . .

How should I format captions for figures that I include in my paper?

Illustrative visual material other than a table—for example, a photograph, map, drawing, graph, or chart—should be labeled Figure (usually abbreviated Fig.), assigned an arabic numeral, and given a caption: Fig. 1. Mary Cassatt, Mother and Child, Wichita Art Museum. The label and caption ordinarily appear directly below an illustration and have the same one-inch margins as the text of the paper. Visit our Formatting a Research Paper page to learn more about including tables, figures, and musical illustrations in papers. You can also read our post on punctuating captions.

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