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When Is a Web Site a Container?

. . . song or book. It’s the store you purchased the work from and thus a conduit for access. Search engine results, like the thumbnail from a Google image search or the results displayed for books by the “look inside” function on Amazon are not works, and thus they are not containers. To consult the work . . .

How do I quote stage directions?

. . . If it’s not clear from context that you are quoting stage directions, indicate this in your in-text citation: Manly’s scene concludes on a passionate image: “She sinks down in a Chair, he falls at her feet” (22 [stage direction]) To indicate that the quoted material is a stage direction, some scholars use . . .

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. . . width: 190px; } .wForm p { margin: 0.5em 0 1.2em; } .wForm label { font-weight: bold; margin-bottom: 0px; } .wForm .labelsAbove .preField { padding-bottom: 0px; } .wForm .primaryAction { background-image: none !important; } .hidden { display: none !important; } Ask the MLA If you have a question about research, writing, or MLA style, please submit it. If our staff editors . . .

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