How do I cite stories and comments in a Microsoft Word document posted on Blackboard?

If your instructor posts a document that contains stories with comments on a course management system like Blackboard, follow the MLA format template to cite it. For more on citing documents posted online, see our post on how to cite a document posted on a Web site

The entry for a story or for the comments will have two containers. The document can be considered a kind of anthology, which means that the stories and comments are contained in the document. Blackboard is the container of the document. If you want to cite comments your instructor has left in the document, provide a generic description in place of a title.

The following provides an example of how to cite a story in a document:

Reiter, Ben A. “Diary of a Writing Student.” Writing 101: A Course Anthology. Blackboard, uploaded by Penny Scrivener, 5 July 2019,

The following provides an example of how to cite instructor’s comments in the same document:

Scrivener, Penny. Instructor’s comments. Writing 101: A Course AnthologyBlackboard, uploaded by Scrivener, 5 July 2019,