Should I include a column title when I am citing an article from a print publication or Web site?

A column is a regular feature in a periodical publication like a magazine or newspaper. Columns are a way of branding or organizing information and do not need to be included in a works-cited-list entry if the work has a title; however, if you wish to include a column title, insert it in the middle optional-element slot after the title of the source:

Kuperberg, Ethan. “Nuclear Mindfulness.” Shouts and Murmurs. The New Yorker, 9 Oct. 2017, p. 31.

“How Do I Style the Names of Fictional Characters?” Ask the MLA. The MLA Style Center, 18 Oct. 2017,

When the column title is effectively the work’s title, include it:

Schulman, Erin. Study Tips of the Week. Barrington High School Newspaper, 12 Sept. 2017, p. 5.

A column title is distinct from the section name of a print newspaper. See our post on newspaper sections.


Published 3 January 2018

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