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Should I include a column title when I am citing an article from a print publication or Web site?

A column is a regular feature in a periodical publication like a magazine or newspaper. Columns are a way of branding or organizing information and do not need to be included in a works-cited-list entry if the work has a title; however, if you wish to include a column title, insert it in the middle optional-element slot after the title of the source:

Kuperberg, Ethan. “Nuclear Mindfulness.” Shouts and Murmurs. The New Yorker, 9 Oct. 2017, p. 31.

“How Do I Style the Names of Fictional Characters?” Ask the MLA. The MLA Style Center, Modern Language Association of America, . . .

Published 3 January 2018

News articles are sometimes credited to agencies like Reuters and the Associated Press. Should the agencies be cited as the authors of these articles?

No. News agencies distribute stories from a vast pool of journalists. The name of an agency is not a meaningful indicator of authorship. Moreover, local news editors may change stories that they receive from agencies, further muddying the authorship. If an article is credited only to a news agency, treat the article as anonymous and begin the entry with the article’s title.

Published 29 February 2016

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