How do I cite a virtual poetry reading?

Alphabetize a work by a solo performer under the performer’s name. Include the event title or a descriptive label, name the sponsoring organization in the Publisher element, and provide the date. Include the designation “online” in the location element. (Do not include a Zoom link or other private link.) Use the final supplemental element to indicate the type of event cited unless the title or label conveys that information.

Rubin, Kara. “Pandemic Poems.” Community Voices, 8 Oct. 2021, online. Reading.

Rubin, Kara. “New Pandemic Poems: A Virtual Reading.” Community Voices, 8 Oct. 2021, online.

Events featuring multiple performers are generally cited as collaborative works, so begin your entry with the title of the event. 

“Borders Inside and Outside: Poets on Crafting Roots (Routes)—Cynthia Dewi Oka, Jake Skeets, Vanessa Angélica Villarreal.” Vermont Studio Center, 4 Nov. 2021, online. Reading.

You may identify up to two individual performers in the Contributor element:

“Poems for Our Time.” Readings by Kara Rubin and Sean Wallace, 9 July 2021, online. 

Larger numbers of contributors may be discussed in your prose:

By midsummer, the group, which now included Samantha Reid and Gabriel Wilson as well as Rubin and Wallace, had organized and streamed an independent reading online (“Poems”).

Work Cited

“Poems for Our Time.” 9 July 2021, online. Reading.

For guidance on citing uploaded recordings of live presentations, see appendix 2 of the MLA Handbook (335).

Work Cited

MLA Handbook. 9th ed., Modern Language Association of America, 2021.