How do I cite material posted to a social media site like Snapchat?

Below are examples of how to cite a photo, video, story, show, and profile on Snapchat. For explanations, see our post on citing social media.


Michelle Obama posed with students at a school in Vietnam in December 2019 (Obama).

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Obama, Michelle. Photo with students in Vietnam. Snapchat, Accessed 14 July 2020.


In a Snapchat video, Rebel Wilson demonstrates her exercise routine by flipping a tire (Wilson).

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Wilson, Rebel. Video of tire-flipping exercise. Snapchat, 14 July 2020,


According to The Washington Post, the Empire State Building is a model of sustainable architecture (The Washington Post).

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The Washington Post. “The Empire State Building Is Lighting the Way.” Snapchat, 30 June 2020,


In the Snapchat show Get Creative, the Norwegian creator and illustrator GeeOhSnap teaches people how to make art with the snap camera (Get Creative).

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Get Creative. Snapchat,
2712021323. Accessed 14 July 2020.


The Snapchat show Our Black Voices is dedicated to “amplifying Black culture, Black voices, & Black excellence” (Our Black Voices).

Work Cited

Our Black Voices. Profile. Snapchat,
9235399158. Accessed 14 July 2020.

Note that content posted on Snapchat disappears after twenty-four hours unless the creator saves it as a highlight, story, or series. You can still cite this kind of content by providing a generic description as the title, the date it was posted, and the URL for the profile of the account. The entry for Rebel Wilson above is an example of unsaved content on Snapchat.

Note also that Snapchat URLs are accessible only from mobile devices through the Snapchat app.