How do I cite material posted on a social media platform like Facebook?

Below are examples of how to cite material posted on Facebook. For explanations, see our post on citing social media.


On Facebook the World Wildlife Fund announced the birth of twenty-three endangered glossy black cockatoo chicks.

Work Cited

World Wildlife Fund. “Inspiring conservation news: 23 endangered glossy black cockatoo chicks hatched on Kangaroo Island, an area previously ravaged by Australia’s devastating bushfires.” Facebook, 8 July 2020,


The World Wildlife Fund celebrated Earth Day on its Facebook page with a photo of a wolf cub.

Work Cited

World Wildlife Fund. “Happy Earth Day from all of us at WWF!” Facebook, 22 Apr. 2019,


On Shark Awareness Day, the World Wildlife Fund posted a video with five facts about sharks.

Work Cited

World Wildlife Fund. “Five Things to Know on Shark Awareness Day.” Facebook, 14 July 2020,


You can see photos of many endangered species on the World Wildlife Fund’s Facebook page.

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World Wildlife Fund. “Photos.” Facebook, 2020,


  1. To access the URL of a Facebook post, click the time stamp near the top of the post and then copy the URL of the page.