How do I cite a syllabus?

If you know who composed the syllabus, list that person as the author. In the example below, the author is the instructor of the course. A description of the syllabus takes the place of a title, the term when the course was offered is given as the publication date, and the university offering the course is given as the location:

Mueller, Alex. Syllabus for Social Networking in the Scriptorium. Spring 2014, U of Massachusetts, Boston.

If a known author of the syllabus is not the instructor, you can include the instructor’s name in the Contributor element:

Kelly, Michaela. Syllabus for English Literature before 1600. Taught by Eva Wilder, fall 2021, Indiana University, Bloomington. 

If you don’t know the identity of the author, begin your entry with the title or descriptive label:

Syllabus for Social Networking in the Scriptorium. Taught by Alex Mueller, spring 2014, U of Massachusetts, Boston.

Continue reading on the Style Center and in appendix 2 of the MLA Handbook (341) to learn more about citing materials distributed for classroom use, including content uploaded to a class website or included in a course pack

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