How do I cite a social media profile?

If you refer only in general terms to a social media profile, it is sufficient to provide the URL or handle in parentheses in your text. You do not need to create a works-cited-list entry. For example, a passing reference to the Twitter account of the University of Reading’s East German Studies Archive might appear as follows:

Those conducting research on material culture in the German Democratic Republic will find the University of Reading’s East German Studies Archive an invaluable resource. For examples of some of the types of materials held in the archive, one can consult the archive’s Twitter account (@EastArchive).    

However, if you quote from, paraphrase, or otherwise refer to a specific post on a social media platform, you should create a works-cited-list entry for that post. For instance:

In a recent Twitter post, the historian David Bell called James McAuley’s The House of Fragile Things “beautifully written and deeply moving.” 

Work Cited

Bell, David A. [@DavidAvromBell]. “Every once in a while, I get a chance to write about a book which is not just good, but beautifully written and deeply moving. My newest review in the NYRB, of @jameskmcauley’s ‘The House of Fragile Things.'” Twitter, 10 June 2021,