What’s new in the second edition of the MLA Guide to Digital Literacy?

The second edition of one of the MLA’s best-selling classroom guides helps students understand why digital literacy is a crucial skill for their education, future careers, and participation in democracy. Offering practical guidance for assessing information online, this guide provides students with the tools to locate reliable sources among the clickbait and viral videos that pervade the web. The chart below gives a head-to-head comparison of the two editions. Preorder your copy of the second edition now!

  Cover of the MLA Guide to Digital Literacy, 2nd edition Cover of the MLA Guide to Digital Literacy
  MLA Guide to Digital Literacy, 2nd edition (2022) MLA Guide to Digital Literacy, 1st edition (2019)
Understanding algorithms, bots, filters, visual manipulation
Understanding algorithmic bias ✓ plus a new lesson plan on how algorithmic bias works  
Online searching and research; finding primary sources
Inclusive search and citation; digital tools for managing sources  
Analyzing data visualizations  
Understanding user biases
Evaluating the reliability of sources ✓ plus a new reading
Avoiding plagiarism  
Composing in digital spaces  
Customizing filters and algorithms to control your online experiences
Illustrations 28 27
Lesson plans 4 3
Activities 12 9