Do I need to create a works-cited-list entry for each Web page that I am using from the same Web site?

Yes. When you cite specific pages of a Web site, create works-cited-list entries for each page:

As noted on the Web site The William Blake Archive, “[T]he decade from 1808 to 1818 was not a profitable one for Blake” (“About”). By 1818, however, Blake began to print  “Innocence and Experience as parts of the combined Songs” (“Songs”).

Works Cited

“About Blake.” The William Blake Archive, edited by Morris Eaves et al., 2017,

“Songs of Innocence (Composed 1789).” The William Blake Archive, edited by Morris Eaves et al., 2017,

Do not create an entry for a Web site as a whole and then cross-reference individual pages to it, the way you might when you are citing several short stories in a printed anthology. Whereas your reader cannot access an individual story without obtaining the printed anthology as a whole, your reader can access individual Web pages without going to the home page first, so individual entries will allow your reader to access the information more quickly.

Published 2 January 2018

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