How do I cite a review of a product?

To cite a review of a product, such as a toaster, follow the examples for citing reviews provided in appendix 2 of the MLA Handbook. How you cite the review will depend on whether it is signed (i.e., whether it lists the author’s name or was published anonymously) and on whether it has a unique title. The following shows an example works-cited-list entry for a signed review with a unique title:

Sullivan, Michael, and Sabrina Imbler. “The Best Toaster.” The New York Times, 19 July 2022,

Below is an example of a review that has a unique title but was published anonymously:

“Five Best Toasters of 2022, Tested by Food Network Kitchen.” Food Network, 15 June 2022,

If the review does not have a unique title, use a description in the Title of Source element (MLA Handbook 5.23), as in the following example: 

Review of Café Couture Smart Toaster Oven with Air Fry. Consumer Reports, 2022,

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