How do I cite an author who has transitioned?

When you write about an author who has published works under more than one name and gender identity, we recommend following the guidelines in the MLA Handbook for authors who have published works under different names (2.1.1). The critic Jack (aka J. Jack) Halberstam, for instance, formerly published work as Judith Halberstam. If you are writing an essay in which you discuss both Gaga Feminism (published under J. Jack) and Female Masculinity (published under Judith), cross-reference the entries in the works-cited list as follows:

Halberstam, J. Jack (see also Halberstam, Judith). Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender, and the End of Normal. Beacon Press, 2012.

Halberstam, Judith (see also Halberstam, J. Jack). Female Masculinity. Duke UP, 1998.

In your prose, avoid pronouns (unless awkward repetition results) or use the gendered pronouns that the author currently prefers, even when you refer to work the author published before transitioning:

Halberstam pursues some of the issues in Gaga Feminism that he first explored in Female Masculinity.

Published 6 February 2018

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