How do I cite a syllabus?

To cite a syllabus, follow the MLA format template. Start by providing the name of the instructor as the author and then a description of the syllabus in place of a title. Next list the name of the department and institution sponsoring the course, followed by the date:

Mueller, Alex. Syllabus for Social Networking in the Scriptorium. Department of English, U of Massachusetts, Boston, Spring 2014.

If the syllabus you’re citing is published on a Web site, as in the example below, published on the CORE repository, include any relevant publication details in container 2—here, the title of the platform and the DOI:

Mapes, Kristen. Syllabus for Introduction to Digital Humanities, Michigan State U, East Lansing, Fall 2017. CORE,

Published 29 November 2018

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