Can I just include a URL for a Web site in my prose instead of creating a work-cited-list entry?

You should always create works-cited-list entries for works that you quote from, paraphrase, or substantively discuss.

Thus you may need to create an entry for an entire Web site—for instance, if you are discussing its home page or if you are providing a detailed discussion of the site’s history:

Grove Music Online. Oxford UP, 2018,

Similarly, if you discuss a specific page on the site, provide an entry for that page:

Hegarty, Paul. “Noise.” Grove Music Online, Oxford UP, 25 May 2016,

However, sometimes it’s acceptable to mention a work in passing but not document it, as we discuss in a previous post. When you make a passing reference to a Web site as a whole, you can elect to include the URL for the site in parentheses after you give the Web site’s title in your text:

Grove Music Online (
grovemusic) provides much valuable information for music researchers.