How do I cite a movie poster?

How you cite a movie poster—or any type of poster—will depend on how you viewed it. No matter how you viewed the poster, unless your source indicates the artist, designer, or other entity that created the poster, begin your entry with a description of the poster in place of a title. If you viewed the poster in person, include the date you viewed it and the location of it:

Poster for the film Eternals. 8 Nov. 2021, AMC Empire 25, New York City.

If you viewed a poster online and the poster is its own page on a website, include the name of the site, the publisher of the site, and the URL. You can omit the publisher’s name if it is the same as the name of the website:

Poster for the film Titanic. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, 2021,

If the poster you viewed online is contained in another work, such as in a news article on a website, include the article title, author, and publication date in the first container. In the second container, include the website information:

Poster for the film Spencer. “Kristen Stewart’s Princess Diana Sinks into Royal Life in Dramatic First Spencer Poster,” by Lanford Beard, 25 Aug. 2021. People,

If the poster you viewed is reproduced in a book, you would cite it as you would any image found in a book. See our post on citing images reproduced in books.