Works-Cited-List Peer Grading

By Nora Carr

Lesson Plan


For students to gain familiarity with the details of a works-cited list through peer review

Course Work or Assignment Underway

Research paper (should be almost done)

Work Completed before Class

Students should bring a complete works-cited list, along with the most recent drafts of their research papers, to class. The works-cited list should reflect the most recent version of their research and writing.

In-Class Activity

  1. Ask students to work in pairs.
  2. Distribute copies of the worksheet to each student.
  3. Direct students to exchange works-cited lists and evaluate their partner’s list by filling in the worksheet.
  4. Instruct students that any item for which they do not award their partner full credit must be accompanied by a comment explaining what was incorrect or missing.
  5. After each pair of students has completed filling in the worksheet, they should share feedback with their partners.

Follow-Up Activity

Either in class or at home, students should revise their works-cited list according to their partner’s feedback.

Reflections on the Lesson’s Success and Alternative Approaches

Students can also be asked to use the worksheet to review and check their own work to reduce errors and promote engagement with the handbook.

Lesson Materials


Published 17 November 2016

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