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I am writing a paper in English. I have used the French edition of a book originally published in Dutch. Do I need to include both the French and Dutch editions in my works-cited list?

List only the version you are using—in this case, the French edition. You do not need to indicate in your entry the language in which the work was originally published or to provide original publication details, but if you wish to do so, you may include the information in the optional-element slot at the end:

Benali, Abdelkader. Le tant attendu. Translated by Daniel Cunin, Actes Sud, 2011. Originally published in Dutch as De langverwachte (Vassallucci, 2002).

Alternatively, you may provide the original publication details in an endnote at first mention of the work in your prose.

Published 9 October 2018

Should I translate names of foreign institutions?

In your works-cited-list entry, provide the name of a foreign institution in the original language if that is how it is presented in your source. In the following example, the publisher’s name is given in the original language:

Dieulafoy, Jane. Papiers et correspondance de Marcel et Jane Dieulafoy. Manuscripts de la Bibliothèque de l’Institut de France, Paris. 

Names of  institutions in languages that do not use the Roman alphabet (Russian, Greek, Hebrew, etc.) are almost always presented in transliteration. In this example, the publisher’s name is given in transliteration:

Šklovskij, Viktor. Жизнь художника Федотова [The Life of the Artist Fedotov]. Izdatelʹstvo detskoy literatury,

Published 13 March 2018

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