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How do I cite a Google Earth location?

To cite a Google Earth location, follow the MLA format template. Provide a description in place of a title. Then list Google Earth as the title of the container and the URL as the location. In the following example, the URL has been shortened, in accordance with our URL guidelines.

Map showing location of Leaning Tower of Pisa. Google Earth,

Read more about citing maps.

Published 12 March 2019

How do I style geographic terms such as north and south in MLA style?

MLA style follows The Chicago Manual of Style (8.47) for geographic terms. For example, we capitalize northsoutheast, and west when the terms refer to regions or cultures:

Customs in the East differ from those in the West.
She moved from the East Coast to the West Coast.
The South lost the war.
You should read both Western and Eastern philosophy.
Many scholars now study the global South.

We lowercase the terms when they refer to directions:

He headed east.
The United States is located north of Mexico.

Published 13 September 2018

How do I cite a map?

Maps appear as stand-alone print works, as images in books or Web sites, and as functional independent Web sites or parts of Web sites. As with any work, to cite a map, follow the MLA template of core elements.
Free-Standing Print Maps
To cite a free-standing print map, provide the publication details given by the source–in the example below, the title of the map (italicized because it is a stand-alone work, like a book), its publisher, and the publication date are given:

Michigan. Rand, 2000. 

If you do not directly refer to the work as a map in your prose, . . .

Published 6 April 2018

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