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How do I punctuate parenthetical citations that include an author’s name and “introduction”?

Separate the items with a comma:

You Must Change Your Life is “a portrait of two artists fumbling through the desultory streets of Paris, finding their paths to mastery” (Corbett, introduction).
Work Cited
Corbett, Rachel. You Must Change Your Life: The Story of Rainer Maria Rilke and Auguste Rodin. Kindle ed., W. W. Norton, 2016.

Published 7 September 2018

If I cite from a book that has an introduction, but I do not cite the introduction, should I include the introduction’s author in my works-cited-list entry?

Authors of introductions, prefaces, afterwords, and the like—collectively called front and back matter—are not usually essential to identifying a work and can be omitted from works-cited-list entries. If you do include the author of an introduction, place the author’s name in the “Other contributors” slot:

Gogol, Nikolai. Dead Souls: A Novel. Translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volkhonsky, introduction by Pevear, Vintage Books, 1996.

You might include the author of an introduction or related material in your entry if the information would be especially useful for readers—for example, if the name of the author indicates that the edition being cited is reliable, . . .

Published 30 January 2018

If a source contains more than one work with an introduction to each labeled “Introduction,” how should I refer to the introductions in my writing and in my works-cited list?

If you need to differentiate among several introductions in a source because each is labeled “Introduction,” you can either make clear in your writing which introduction you are referring to or use a description in a parenthetical citation:

In his introduction to Antigone, Bernard Knox remarks that to Victorian readers, “the subject matter of the play seemed academic” (35).
Bernard Knox remarks that to Victorian readers, “the subject matter of the play seemed academic” (Introduction to Antigone 35). 

In the works-cited list, use a description (Introduction to Antigone) in place of the actual label that appears in the work (Introduction):

Works Cited
Knox, . . .

Published 30 November 2017

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