The Modern Language Association is answering questions about publishing on the Association of University Presses’ Ask UP site this summer. AUPresses is a membership organization for academic publishers, and its Ask UP site is a new resource for those looking to learn more about scholarly publishing. It features frequently asked questions and covers topics like how to write a book proposal, common terms that appear in contracts, and the difference between copyediting and proofreading.

The site invites readers to submit questions. A different press answers submitted questions each season. Thus far, Fordham, the University of Michigan, and NYU Press have contributed to the site. And this summer, MLA publications staff members (who work on MLA Handbook, books, journals, digital projects, and MLA International Bibliography) will be answering your questions about scholarly publishing. 

Want to know more about publishing texts in translation? The role of journal editorial boards? Developing a collection of essays? Submit your questions for a chance to get an answer from the MLA.