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Patrick Elliot Alexander is associate professor of English and African American studies at the University of Mississippi and cofounder and director of the Mississippi Humanities Council Award–winning Prison-to-College Pipeline Program. He is the author of From Slave Ship to Supermax: Mass Incarceration, Prisoner Abuse, and the New Neo–Slave Novel, and his articles on teaching African American literature in prison appear in Humanities, the Journal of African American History, South: A Scholarly Journal, and Reflections: A Journal of Writing, Service-Learning, and Community Literacy.  In 2020, Alexander was honored with the University of Mississippi Humanities Teacher of the Year Award, and in 2021, he received the University of Mississippi Elsie M. Hood Outstanding Teacher Award. In 2023, he was inducted into the L. C. Dorsey Research Honor Society for his scholarship on higher education in prison in the South.