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Colons: How to Use Them

Like a semicolon, a colon can connect two independent clauses, but it has several other uses as
well . . .

A Problem with Problematize

Though some writers still consider it jargon, the word problematize has gained general acceptance, at least in academic writing. But make sure to use it correctly . . .

 . . .

Effective Signposting

Get tips on building signposts to help articulate the structure of your argument . . .

Don’t Bury the Lede

If you habitually bury the lede in your sentences, you may eventually test the patience of your readers . . .

 . . .

Adverbs to Avoid

I’m not going to tell you to cut adverbs out of your prose entirely. Instead, I’m going to review a particular category of adverbs that you can easily avoid and thereby tighten your prose . . .

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